PDF of music for working with the Blues Scales (Dr. Klee's jazz improv videos)

The following music files were designed to be used in conjunction with the videos to the right. The series is designed to help those just beginning to learn to improvise on how to work with the blues scales. I suggest you watch my "Working With the Blues Scales" video series as you work through these lessons. The series can be found at:

Outlining the Blues Scales Basic improv tutorial, #1 20.9 KB
Horizontal Movement Basic improv tutorial, #2 22.4 KB
Using Chord Tones to Create a Melodic Pattern Basic improv tutorial, #3 21.3 KB
Vertical Movement, Eighth Note Pattern Basic improv tutorial, #4 23.3 KB
Vertical + Horizontal Movement, 8th Note Pattern Basic improv tutorial, #5 24.4 KB
Motivic Development Basic improv tutorial, #6 22.9 KB
Scale Patterns for Jazz Basic improv tutorial, #7 27.4 KB
More Patterns for Jazz Basic improv tutorial #8 22.1 KB
Twelve Blues Scales Use with the basic improvisation tutorial video group. 14.8 KB