Making changes and adding new features and services to my website (

I am adding a new direction to my website ( Additions will include a series of tutorial videos on learning  how to play the flute, along with videos on how to play and interpret certain flute songs including levels from beginner to advanced. 

Another area I plan to develop is a new series of learning tutorials on how to improvise for the classically trained flutist. With these video series I will cover most of the scales and modes used today in jazz. I plan to add studies for the flutist to learn jazz patterns using my own jazz etudes. All of this will be geared for the classical flutist who has little to no background in jazz. 

I plan to also add a series of pdfs (information to help the aspiring flutist) that can be downloaded including a monthly newsletter with new information (lots of new flute-related material) for the instrumentalist to read and share with other flutists, band directors, etc. 

Let me know if you would like to see something new added that you feel would be of benefit to you and other flutists! Please keep watching my website and YouTube channel ( for new and exciting changes! Please stay tuned to my Facebook page for updates!