Uploading my latest YouTube videos

For those who not know who and what I am my name is David Klee and I am the professor of music and the director of music production at Buena Vista University. As both a professor and professional musician (I have a doctorate in flute performance) I am very busy either teaching or performing and rarely have a full weekend off. This past weekend I was off so I was busy in my studio completing my latest YouTube videos (I have over 108 videos). I produce several different playlists for my channel including: classical music, popular music, Christmas music, music production, and flute education tutorials. I also have an extensive background in recording technology from having worked  as a recording engineer. If you would like, you can go to my YouTube channel: drdavidandjudiklee, to look at my videos.  I am very excited to get my blog started. Because of my diverse background I can talk about several areas  relating to music including flute performance, recording technology, music business, and learning the flute.Thank you all very much!! David